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Director: Dorsouma Vangdar / Chad

Actor: Angel Rababoc

Episode: Day 4. Story 9

about the Director

Dorsouma Vangdar

Vangdar Dorsouma

Playwright, director and actor, Vangdar Dorsouma was born on 27 February 1967 in Ndjamena (CHAD). Artist since 1986, he has interpreted several roles in several plays in Chad and Africa, particularly in festivals. He has also directed several plays. Initiator and promoter of several actions and cultural activities. Vangdar Dorsouma has participated in several meetings, festivals and conferences on issues related to art and culture in Africa and around the world. Vangdar Dorsouma is the author of several literary and dramatic works.

After more than thirty years of theater practice, he is one of the benchmarks of the arts in Chad with his Maoundôh-culture Theater (THEMACULT) which also has more than thirty years of existence.

Vangdar Dorsouma is the Director of the Maoundôh-culture Theater, the President of the Chadian Center of the International Theater Institute and the Director of the National Theater of Chad.

about the actor

Angel Rababoc

Angel Rababoc graduated from the Institute of Theate and Film Bucharest (UNATC at present), class of Prof. Mircea Albulescu, and since then (1988) he has been part of the ”Marin Sorescu” National Theatre, Craiova, a core member of the team.

Angel’s debut role was in a landmark performance of the Romanian theatre – The Dwarf in the Summer Garden by D.R. Popescu, directed by Silviu Purcarete.

He then performed in the great productions of the Craiova National Theatre, and participated in the most importante theatre festivals worldwide, on tours on 5 continents: Ubu Rex with Scenes from Macbeth after A. Jarry and W. Shakespeare, directed by Silviu Purcarete (1990), Titus Andronicus by W. Shakespeare, directed by Silviu Purcarete (1992), Phaedra after Euripides and Seneca, directed by Silviu Purcarete (1993), in which he played Hippolytus etc.

In Vlad Mugur’s productions he was Silvio in Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni (1999), Lady Nenni in It Is So (If You Think So) by L. Pirandello (1999), Arlecchino in The Gossip carnival after C. Goldoni (2000) etc.

He was Marcellus in Tompa Gabor’s Hamlet (1997), Orestes in Oresteia after Aeschylus, directed by Silviu Purcarete (1998), Ventidius in Timon of Athens by W. Shakespeare, directed by Mihai Maniutiu (1998), Alyosha in The Brothers Karamazov by Richard Crane, directed by Faynia Williams (1991), Dobcinski in The Inspector by N.V. Gogol, directed by Claudiu Goga (2001), The Baron in The Night Shelter by Maxim Gorki, directed by Claudiu Goga (2003), Gonzalo din O furtună după W. Shakespeare, directed by Silviu Purcarete (2012), The Grocer in Rhinoceros by Eugène Ionesco, directed by Robert Wilson (2014).

Recently, Angel Rababoc has worked with Bobi Pricop (Radio by Eric Bogosian), Alexandru Dabija (Good News. Final! by Davide Carnevali), Norbert Boda (Where Is My Soul? after Marin Sorescu), Alexandru Muşoiu ( In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play by Sarah Ruhl) etc.
Invited by Silviu Purcarete he also played, together with Ilie Gheorghe and Valer Dellakeza in Pilafuri şi parfum de măgar, a performance after 1001 Nights, at the “Radu Stanca” Theatre in Sibiu (2001), and, in 2007, he played the role of Prof. Gavrilescu in La ţigănci after Mireca Eliade, directed by Zoran Ţvetcovici, at the Vârşeţ Romanian Theatre in Serbia.

Besides his prolific activity in the theatre, Angel Rababoc has also played in feature films: Acordați circumstanțe atenuante? (1984) directed by Lucian Bratu, Francois Villon, poetul vagabond (1987) directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu, Undeva la Palilula (2012) directed by Silviu Purcarete, Moromeții 2 (2018) directed by Stere Gulea etc.

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