Sunday, March 14, 2021, 22:30 EET (GMT +02:00)


Director: Matias Maldonado / Colombia

Actor: Adrian Andone

Episode: Day 3. Story 6

Sound Design & Music: Tomás Arenas

Camera: Lucas Maldonado

Covid Agents: Camila Loboguerrero – Mariona Tió

General Assistant: Jaime Moncada

about the Director

Matias Maldonado

Matías Maldonado L is an writer, actor and director of theatre, cinema & TV. He has an Undergraduate Degree in Literary Studies from the National University of Colombia and a Master in Theatre Arts from the UFBA (Brazil). He has written, amongst other pieces, Técnica Mixta (Bogotá City Dramaturgic Award, 2017), El Deber de Fenster (National Theatre’s Award, 2010), and several theatrical adaptations. Regarding cinema, he is co-writer of the full-length films Nochebuena (2008) and Amazonas (2015). 

With an acting career that has lasted almost thirty years now, he received the Best Foreign Actor Award at the 37th Gramado’s Film Festival (Brazil, 2009), for his leading role in the film Nochebuena. In the audiovisual field, he has written and directed the following shorts: Cristal Lux (2017), El cuento del venado (2016), Apuntes sobre la fiesta del toro (2004) and Las furias zalameicas (1999).

In the year 2014, he founded the theatre group Teatro del Embuste (The Trickster Theatre), with whom he has produced and directed the plays La Secreta Obscenidad (2014), Rebú (2015), Sabana Glacial (2016), La comedia de los subnormales (2017), El sitio de Sarajevo (2020) and Mamá Medea (2020).

about the actor

Adrian Andone

His strong belief is that Art is not a profession but a life partner. With a career spanned over 28 years, ADRIAN ANDONE is one of the most acclaimed actors from the “Marin Sorescu” National Theater, both nationally and internationally.

He graduated the University of Arts in Tărgu Mureș in 1992 and, soon after, he became a member of the artistic team of the Craiova National Theater.

With a strong acting versatility, he is one of the actors who created masterpieces both in drama and comedy plays. His majestic posture, the strong voice and penetrant look brought Adrian to the eye of the critics and the audience when touring all over the world. Adrian Andone played over 70 roles so far on national stages in tours, national and international festivals and also abroad within important performances and festivals. He worked with the prestigious stage directors as Robert Wilson, Silviu Purcărete, Yiannis Paraskevopoulos, Janusz Wiśniewski, Tim Carroll, Tompa Gábor in stage plays from the classic repertoire such as Shakespeare, A.P. Chekhov, Molière, A. Camus, Neil Simon, F.G. Lorca and also in contemporary theater plays.

Colombia artists talk

Vanessa Adatto
Theatre and music producer
Jaime Moncada