Monday, February 8, 2021, 17:30 EET (GMT +02:00)


Director: Pramod Chavan / India

Actor: Ioana Florentina Manciu

Episode: Day 5, Story 3

Poetry: Ms. Nikita Porwal
Music: Mr. Hush – Hüsnü Dinislam
Assistance in Dance: Ms. Hetvi Shah
Assistance in Projection: Mr. Parth Prajapati

about the Director

Pramod Chavan / India

Chavan Pramod is a dramaturge and theatre director specialized in Sanskrit Theatre, Indian Theatre and Natyashastra. He is a disciple of internationally acclaimed Theatre Director Guru Kavalam N. Panikkar, Sopanam, Kerala. He has undergone basic training of Kutiyattam – Traditional Sanskrit Theatre of Kerala at Kalamandalam and worked in-depth on different art forms of Kerala. He has done Ph.D. (Kutiyattam – Natyashastra – Sanskrit Theatre), Masters and Bachelors in Theatre Arts with four Gold Medals from the Department of Dramatics, Faculty of Performing Arts, The M. S. University of Baroda.

Chavan Pramod was selected for the Suzuki Method Training Program under Theatre Director Suzuki Tadashi, SCOT – Japan and International Training Program of Chinese Peking Opera Theatre at Shanghai Theatre Academy – China. He has received Korean Arts and Cultural Fellowship from Ministry of Culture, South Korea. In addition, he has selected for the ETC Artist Residency Programme initiated by the ETC and participated in the creative team of the production of The Cousin Shakespeare at the “Marin Sorescu” National Theatre, Craiova, Romania.

Dr. Chavan Pramod R. is recipient of Sangeet Natak Akademi Ustad Bismillah Khan Award for outstanding contribution in the field of Theatre Direction which is a National award given By National Academy of Music Dance and Drama, Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Dr. Chavan Pramod R. is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Dramatics, Faculty of Performing Arts, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.

Some of the plays designed and directed by him are Andhayug, Uttararmcharitam, Venisamhara, Ashadh Ka Ek Din, Waiting for Godot, Vikramorvashiyam’s 4th Act, Ashwatthama, Dak Ghar, Juloos, Hayavadan etc.

His plays focuses solely on the Thematic Content of the Play, rather than abiding by the Conventional Structure; it attempts to look beyond the barriers of time and space. Pertaining to Thematic Content, the performance emerges more subtly, symbolically and suggestively into a stylized form.

The plays majorly focus on raising the questions regarding the human tolerance and atrocities of war, where women, children and youth play the major victims. When will the world be peaceful? – this is a quintessential quest. He attempts to depict how system drives a region and its inhabitants into a mist of insoluble problems of restless society and political turmoil, where the soul sufferers are the common people.

about the actor

Ioana Florentina Manciu

Ioana Florentina Manciu studied acting at U.N.A.T.C București (Bucharest University of Theatre and Film), 2008-2011, class Prof. Florin Zamfirescu, and obtained her master’s in 2013 under Gelu Colceag’s guidance.

She has been working at the “Marin Sorescu” National Theatre, Craiova, since 2015, and she is part of the cast in some performances staged by young directors such as Bobi Pricop (Illusions by Ivan Vyrypaev and The Author by Tim Crouch), Andrei Măjeri (Explosive by Elise Wilk), Irina Crăiță-Mândră (The Sands Monster by Csaba Szekely), Bogdan Georgescu (Retroelectro by Bogdan Georgescu), Dragoș Alexandru Mușoiu (Mars Operation by Alexa Băcanu) as well as by well-known directors such as Cristi Juncu (A Month in the Country by Ivan Turgenev) and Radu Afrim (Heart and Other Meat Products by Dan Coman).

In cinema, Ioana was present in the films Wedding Duet and The Human Nature, both directed by Goran Mihailov.

Appreciated by the critics, Ioana Florentina Manciu was awarded by theatre and film festivals such as: CineMAiubit Bucharest, 2011 – Prize for Best Actress in Wedding Duet, directed by Goran Mihailov, Prize for Best Actress în theatre: VedeTeatru Gala Buzău, 2011, UNATC Gala Bucharest 2011, Undercloud Festival Bucharest 2012, Short Theatre International Festival Oradea 2012 and, în IATC (International Association of Theatre Critics) “Young Hope” Prize, award received during the National Theatre Festival – Bucharest, 2012.

I have no expectations regarding the future as I know that every encounter is an opportunity for self-knowledge and discovery.

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Director Designer
Nikita Porwal
poetess who wrote the text of the episode