Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 21:00 EET (GMT +02:00)


Director: Arthur Banshayeko / Burundi

Actor: Corina Druc

Episode: Day 10. Story 3

about the Director

Arthur Banshayeko

Burundian actor-director, Arthur is a co-founder of Umunyinya asbl. Umunyinya asbl intervenes in communication for change through art therapy (psychodrama), community theater (interactive / forum) and the VICOBA and NAWE NUZE approach for community development.

Arthur believe much in sharing ideas and is a big fan of the right of speech. According to him, people are stronger when they are together, and no shared idea is stupid. Art for him is the best and secure platform that allows people to meet and discuss in freedom. It helps people to see and love difference… When we succeed to tame the beast of otherness in us and admire difference, we heal, we live, and we grow!

Arthur have worked on many awareness raising projects on peace and reconciliation, gender equity, family planning and trauma through the screen, the radio and the stage. Some of his projects showcased in Burundi, Congo, Belgium, Tunisia, Germany, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. Arthur is an alumni of the 24th class of the Lincoln Center Theatre Directors Lab passionate about the 3rd SDG* Good health and wellbeing, and SDG* 5 Gender equality.

Arthur has worked as actor or director on short and feature films like: iMashoka, Après la pluie, Les gros cailloux, Arretez Elsie, La tentation, Umutwew’inkuba, Aborted vow, Gahanga, L’irreprochable démasqué, Them among others.

* SDG = Sustainable Development Goals

about the actor

Corina Druc

Corina Druc comes from a family of artists from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova – her mother graduated from the Faculty of Theatre, Acting, in Moscow, and one of her uncles – theatre directing. Corina studied acting at the Academy of Theatre and Film in Tbilisi, Georgia, with the famous Prof. Nugzar Lordkipanidze, and, since 1994, she has been an actress at the National Theatre in Craiova. With her rich portfolio of roles, created both at the “Marin Sorescu” National Theatre in Craiova, and in several feature films, Corina Druc was awarded, in 1997, the Prize of Silvia Popovici Foundation for her part Ophelia in the director Tompa Gábor’s performance of Hamlet, in which her partner was Adrian Pintea. Corina had stated that it was her big dream to play at the Craiova National Theatre. She has worked here with Silviu Purcarete, Tompa Gábor, Robert Wilson, László Bocsárdi, Alexa Visarion etc. At present, Corina is performing in 9 performances of the current season: Where Is My Soul? after Marin Sorescu, directed by Norbert Boda, Playground – a performance by Raul Coldea, 1,2,3…BÉBÉ by André Roussin, directed by Alexandru Boureanu & Raluca Păun, Under(re)Construction by Marco Tesei, directed by Alex Teodorescu,  White Room by Alexandra Badea, directed by Florin Caracala, Ajax. An Essay on Dementia after Sophocles, directed by Mihai Maniutiu, Athens by night after William Shakespeare, directed by Charles Chemin, The Other Country after Herta Müller, directed by Alexandru Istudor, Occident Express by Matei Vişniec, directed by Alexandru Boureanu.

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